Media Performances



KERNIS -  100 Greatest Dance Hits

I love to perform with my friends - it is what music making is all about. 3 days before this concert, I was in an accident that resulted in a minor concussion. This was one of my most challenging performance to date. Thankfully, all my colleagues and friends from Sunset ChamberFest carried me through the experience. I could not have survived without their love and support.

You can catch us tapping on our instruments at the beginning of the video, me playing the sandpaper blocks at 14:33, and us beat boxing at 15:39 


Melody Chang and Ling Ling Huang, violins Benjamin Chilton, viola Jonathan Dormand, cello Mak Grgic, guitar Recorded by Louis Ng at Sunset ChamberFest 2016

BASTILLE - The Draw LIVE Yahoo Music

I had a blast performing with Bastille in a Yahoo Music exclusive back in 2014. We had only one rehearsal in Capitol Records and then it was time to shoot. 

You can find me at 0.20, 1.05, 2.27, 2.51, 3.03, 3:20-end

BASTILLE - Flaws LIVE Yahoo Music

Here's the second song we recorded with Bastille back in 2014. 

You can see me at 0.9, 0.35, 0.55, 1.08, 1.39, 3.20

MENDELSSOHN: Piano Trio No.2 in C minor

Scherzo: Molto allegro quasi presto

Enjoy our heart racing Scherzo with pianist Naomi Sumitani and cellist Frédéric Rosselet. Watch for our extremely fast page turning skills at 2:18.

Recorded at USC Thornton School of Music

Recording Engineer: Louis Ng of Lenson Productions

NICKI MINAJ - Grand Piano 

I remember by the time they were ready for us to go on, the temperature had dropped down to the low 50's. Purely a video shoot, I had a great time shooting 'play position' to a 'resting position'. This motion actually ends the video.

You can see my violin and my then blonde hair at 14.51-58, 15.24-37

WWE 2k15 STING teaser trailer

In my very first commercial shoot, I had the pleasure to experience spray-on make up. I was one of two actual musicians in the mix. In our down time, we helped the others learn how to hold their instruments. A couple weeks later, I got called in for a recording session to overdub this very commercial. The violin you hear in the beginning is actually me! 

You can find me at 3.09 back row  third from the right in fuzzy blond hair.

ELTON JOHN "goes back to school" concert

Elton John is such a sweet heart. During the rehearsal break, he took the time to shake every musician's hand as we filed onto the stage. He was solid as a rock. A true legend.

You can see me sitting 3 seats to the right of the harp at 1.20. We don't actually play until 2.35. One of my favorites: Hold me close, you tiny dancer.